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Apollo Munich’s Optima Plus health plan

 Optima Plus is a unique top-up health insurance plan offered by Apollo Munich. It facilitates the top-up of one’s current cover by Rs 5 lakhs at a minimal cost. It has been formulated considering the health needs of people. This plan provides comprehensive health coverage in case of hospitalization. The policy comes with a provision of lifelong renewal that facilitates extended coverage.

The policy is easy to understand with clear policy wordings and conditions.

Optima Plus is a plan that comes with no maximum cover ceasing age i.e. it can be purchased by people of any age. It is also equipped with the facility of cashless hospitalization with the empanelled hospitals. The person can easily visit the hospital that comes within the network. It enables the policy holder to escape the burden of medical care cost. The policy entitles him/ her to cashless health treatment during the time of treatment. This feature is of great help to people whenever there is a need of healthcare. It is an easily affordable and accessible health top-up plan that incorporates all features that make it a comprehensive health cover.

In addition this plan includes coverage for expenses incurred during pre and post- hospitalization. This gives the insured freedom to pursue the best medical treatment and restore his/her health. It imbibes other beneficial services like coverage for 140 day care procedures, domiciliary treatment, emergency ambulance—upto Rs 2000, in- patient treatment and coverage for organ donor.

Apollo Munich takes care of the varied health needs of people. It understands the problems faced by people while acquiring health treatment and thus provide an affordable solution in the form of such health care plans. Working with an aim to increase the number of insured it has devised plans like Optima Plus. Through this policy it arranges for the fastest claim settlement making the process of quality health care easy for all. This policy can make total healthcare feasible to an individual and also gives an option of including the members dependent on him/ her. Along with the policy holder it can provide coverage to the spouse, dependent parents and dependent children. In regard to this it provides 10% family discount in case 2 or more family members are covered under the same policy. Such features make these plans highly affordable. Hence it is a plan that assures the health security of all members of the family.

The insured can also enjoy the tax benefits as this policy qualifies for tax deduction under Section 80D of Income tax act.


  1. Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u

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  2. Apollo Munich has some wonderful health plans!
    I recently purchased one online. Their cashless claim plan is really beneficial.


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