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Apollo Munich introduces Optima Restore - A New Health Plan

Apollo Munich has come out with its new plan, Optima Restore. It is an innovative health plan that differentiates itself from various other available health products. This plan has been devised to provide the best available healthcare facilities to people.

 It is a plan available for both individual coverage and family protection. The two notable beneficial services due to which it stands out are the Restore benefit and Multiplier benefit. These features make this plan different from any other health policy available today in the insurance market. Framed under these feature the policy facilitates the benefit of reinstating the basic sum insured if you exhaust in the middle of the policy year. In case the person uses up his/ her coverage to recover from one illness and again falls ill with other illness, using this policy he/ she can get the entire sum insured restored at no extra charge. In this way this policy offers a ‘Restore benefit’ unlike any other health product.

Apollo Munich does not restrict the plan to this feature. The plan also imbibes the ‘Multiplier benefit’ that is another amazing facet. Under this beneficial service, the insured can receive benefits for having a claim-free year. In case of not applying for the claim in the first year, the plan provides a 50% increase in the basic sum insured. This increment gets doubled i.e. 100% of the insurance amount, if the policy holder does not make a claim in the second year either.

The above mentioned facilities makes Optima Restore a unique plan, and the first of its kind.
It becomes easily accessible as it also provides easy portability. A person can get transferred from any health plan to Optima Restore and take advantage of a trusted insurer to enjoy the unbelievable benefits. Also, the plan offers an additional discount of 7.5% if the individual apply the policy for two years. The policy is enriched with other useful benefits like domiciliary treatment, pre and post hospitalization, in- patient treatment, day care procedures and organ donor.

To make it a comprehensive plan, the insurer incorporates the advantage of no sublimit on room rent. It makes quality healthcare accessible and easy for all by providing instant claim authorization. Apollo Munich has earned the trust of people by serving them various beneficial and wide ranging benefits. With this unbelievable product, it further makes an attempt to cover as many people as possible under the protection of a quality health cover. The plan is available for the individual as well as the entire family (floater plan). Thus Optima Restore makes itself a unique plan incorporating with several amazing new features.


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