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Optima Senior New Health Insurance Plan

Senior citizens need not worry if they are still uncovered of a health insurance policy. A provision like senior health insurance offers a health security to our elders. If your parents or grandparent are not covered under any medical insurance cover, now you can get them covered under a senior medical insurance cover.

It is a tool that comes for the rescue of healthcare difficulties that people face while in their old age. Optima Senior is a recently launched plan by Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company. The plan is designed exclusively for people of age 61 years or above. Offering comprehensive coverage to the person, the policy is destined to issue best health insurance coverage to the policy buyer. With no hidden clauses or unpleasant surprises, the plan is easy to understand and makes the understanding uncomplicated.

While thinking of health insurance, several related thoughts comes in mind. People look for a plan that can ensure complete healthcare protection at the expense of a reasonable premium amount. The needs also differ from individual to individual. On the basis of age, pre-exiting illness and affordability limit, people choose a medical cover for them. Hence, they land up with a plan that can suit their specific needs. In order to take care of all kind of healthcare needs of people, health insurance providers have emerged with numerous innovative healthcare products. They make medical insurance suitable and feasible for all.

In this journey of making healthcare easy and with an aim to provide a healthy future to all, Apollo Munich makes genuine efforts. Having introduced several unique healthcare policies it has made a great contribution in Indian Health Insurance Market. Optima Senior is yet another attempt to live up to its promise of taking good care people’s well being.

Health insurance plan give you the option to choose a higher insurance cover up to 5 lakhs. Along with this, it is available for cashless treatment providing you access to around 4000 network hospitals in over 800 cities. The policy weaves along other benefits like

  • Non cumulative bonus of 5% on renewal premium after every claim free year
  • Provision of free second opinion from medical panel while seeking critical illness coverage
  • Lifelong renewal to allow coverage for whole life
  • Coverage for domiciliary treatment
  • No maximum entry age
  • Coverage for 140 day-care procedures
  • Family discount of 5% on coverage of both self and spouse
  • An additional discount of 7.5% on premium for opting the policy for 2 years

Inclusive of the listed benefits, the plan is ready to cover the person with comprehensive coverage. With the cover option of 2 lakhs, 3 lakhs and 5 lakhs for period of 1 or 2 years, the plan is affordable for all. It enable the individual to choose a plan that can fit into the budget frame without any burden.

To assist people to acquire the coverage and obtain proper understanding of the plan, the plan also provide an easy guide. In clear and simple steps it explains the procedure to buy the plan. At affordable rates, every individual can secure the life of his/ her elders. It will give them a sense of security in their old age. Under the coverage of such a health cover with amazing features and benefits, best medical care is no more a problem.

So, get your parents or grandparents insured with medical insurance coverage and help them avail quality healthcare without any compromise even in the later years of life. Make this wise investment and plan for a secured future.

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