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Apollo Munich Ranked Second in GI Category for its Presence in Social Media Websites

Apollo Munich Health Insurance was ranked second in GI category for its presence in Social Media websites. It brings recognition for Apollo Munich for the active presence on its social media websites.

Insurance companies use the report ‘Social Media in the Indian Insurance Industry: User Maturity Benchmarking’ to evaluate the overall maturity of their social media usage and benchmark themselves against peers. Fintelekt’s Social Media Leverage Index was calculated for insurance companies’ usage of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, based on three important parameters for each channel ‐

·         Presence
·         Frequency and
·         Relevance.

Fintelekt’s research team mined activities of 49 Indian insurance companies on the social media sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Thereafter, exercising the survey, it came up with the report that positioned Apollo Munich at the second position for its presence on social medical websites.

By making itself available through its social media websites, Apollo Munich allow the users to interact with the company easily. It help develop an easy communication network that enhances the work process for best results. By acquiring this rank in the survey, Apollo Munich has proved its active participation on all its social networking sites.

Beginning its journey in the year 2007, Apollo Munich has come a long way. It has been reaching out to people through all its social media websites. They make people aware of the recent activities that are going around in the company and help get in touch with its products coming. Time and again, it keeps conducting contests and events on its ‘Facebook’ so as to engage the audience for better understanding. Not merely restricting itself to insurance products, the facebook page has been liked by people for providing useful information like health tips and important facts related to that. Moreover, it makes people aware of the its upcoming events or new launches by organizing customer engaging activities like quiz. Also, the users can get answers to their queries instantly by way of facebook interaction. With all such efforts, Apollo Munich social medial group makes sure that it is live and interesting for the users giving them the opportunity to get familiar with all its services.

On the other hand, on ‘Youtube’ the users can take a look at all of its innovative and intelligently devised videos. They help get idea about its ideologies, thought process and what the insurer aims at. These interesting videos allow easy understanding of its services and products. Thereafter, giving a genuine idea about its products and benefits. However, ‘LinkedIn’ allow customers to know all about the company. People can lay hands on the product details and develop proper understanding of them. It will help know about the products that has been launched by the insurer till date. Accessing the ‘Twitter’ link, one can get latest updates about the company events and participate in quiz for better understanding.

In this way, Apollo Munich Health Insurance keeps its presence active through its social media links. Working upon it with tuned in creative channels and complete dedication, it has travelled the journey till date with good response. Further, keeping the flow going, Apollo Munich strive to undertake new endeavors to make it more interesting and live for people.

Maintaining such customer engaging social networking sites, Apollo Munich steps towards its objective of ‘Let’s Uncomplicate’. Working through the channel of social media it makes itself readily accessible for masses. Having claimed the 2nd position in GI category for its presence in social media websites, the company shines out with its effective working and creative thinking.

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