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Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Awarded a Silver in the Digiratti 2012 List

Apollo Munich shines out once again with a Silver in the Digiratti 2012 List by Paul Writer for Marketing Campaign of Optima Restore- an Unbelievable Plan.

Optima Restore that was introduced as an Unbelievable product came in as a first of its kind plan in Indian Health Insurance market. Apollo Munich has brought unique healthcare benefits to serve people with better services through this product. Taking into consideration the uniqueness of this product, it was awarded Silver in the Digiratti List in 2012.

The Digiratti List by Paul Writer honors those campaigns that are benchmarks for Connected Marketing. This List aims to recognize the team that has created unique customer communities and used innovative social media, video, mobile and digital technology to increase marketing impact. Placing itself in this list, Optima Restore has proved itself to be one of the most
innovative products launched in health insurance arena.

Introducing the product under the unique concept of ‘Unbelievable’, Apollo Munich grabbed the attention of many. After years of research and analysis, it came with this concept that gave health insurance a new perspective. Apollo Munich won this Silver Award for its marketing theme 'Unbelievable' for memorability and retention - featuring hard-to-imagine acts performed
by people from different parts of the world and for turning the company website upside down before the launch to create a buzz to draw trade and customers to the website for more information. This unusual concept successfully gained attention of majority of people.

Beginning its journey as a pure health insurance company, Apollo Munich promised to serve people with trusted services. It aimed at reducing the gap between high going medical care cost and people’s pocket. With an aim to make healthcare affordable, Apollo Munich working with a team of experts ensures best results for healthy future of all.

Coming up with innovative products, it has served people with policies that come with a promise unique and comprehensive coverage. Since the year of inception 2007, Apollo Munich has come a long way with launch of several new products. Presently it has immense variety to offer.

Optima Restore is the most innovative product launched by the company. It has given access to unique medical insurance benefits without any extra charge. Its ‘Restore’ and ‘Multiplier’ benefit has introduced first of its kind benefit in health insurance sector. They make health insurance beneficial and convenient for the insured. Due to such innovative features and benefits, the plan became the choice of millions of people soon after its launch. Framed in sum insured options
ranging from 3 lakhs to 15 lakhs, the plan can be purchased as both individual and family health plan.

With the help of survey, it kept an eye over the changing healthcare needs of people all around. Thereby, keeping the focus on needs of people it has come up with this innovative product. Optima Restore offers the opportunity to people to enjoy first of its kind benefit at reasonable insurance premium.

Considering the uniqueness and the Unbelievable concept in mind, Apollo Munich came with unique marketing strategy of the product. Its promotional videos are equally innovative adhering to the campaign. They bring alive the concept of being unbelievable and something unique. Knitting around this new concept, this campaign made its unique identity in Indian
Health Insurance sector.

Having won several awards, it has brought recognition of being innovative for Apollo Munich. Based on consistent efforts and hard work, this plan holds a place in Digiratti list. It recognizes Apollo Munich’s relentless efforts to uncomplicate health insurance for the citizens of India continue to bring us deserved recognition.


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