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Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Great Place to Work 2012

Once again, the year 2012 brings recognition of best place to work for Apollo Munich Health Insurance. In a survey conducted by Great Place to Work Institute, Apollo Munich was ranked 37the Great Place to Work in the category of companies with up to 1000 employees. In this survey, Great Place to Work Institute studied over 533 organizations in India that participated in the annual survey.

This award has brought the recognition of one of the best places Indian Insurance industry to work with. Apollo Munich not merely uncomplicated health insurance for its customers but also ensures a healthy work environment for its employees. It understands and acknowledges the hard and the commitment shown by its employees. To further encourage them, Apollo Munich ensures the relationship of trust with its employees. Keeping the focus on achieving good results on work front, Apollo Munich has never lacked in its responsibilities towards the employees. Regular events, mailer, certification and other such customer engaging activities, keeps the spark going. It encourages employee participation in all such activities that results in personal growth along with the professional.

Apollo Munich has received several such awards. It has come up with numerous innovative healthcare products that have received good response in India health insurance market. This has brought several such accolades for the company. In its mission of providing outstanding services to customers, Apollo Munich  Health also uncomplicated the journey for employees. Working in a healthy and enjoyable environment, it ensures employee satisfaction.

Time and again, such surveys have brought awards for Apollo Munich. It has been the proof of the company working in the right direction. Keeping up with work ethics and values, the company believes in celebrating  and working towards the aim of better results every year. It always acknowledges the employee efforts. Taking up with the dedication and the efforts of employees, today Apollo Munich has lot to offer. Beginning with a plan like Easy Health, today it has a long list of comprehensive healthcare plans that can fulfill the needs of customers.

On this occasion of receiving the honor, Antony Jacob- the CEO of Apollo Munich expresses his delight on this recognition. He was pleased to announce the company’s achievement of being rated amongst the top 50 companies to work for in 2012 edition. He also acknowledged the dedication and valuable contribution of employees that took the journey so far. With a higher aim to unveil several such milestones, Apollo Munich will continue giving its best towards the betterment of customers as well as employees.

Driven by the vision ‘to be a trusted leader in the health insurance sector by providing innovative solutions to the citizens of India’, Apollo Munich works to improve the healthcare conditions all over the country. This has lead to it coming up with several innovative ideas formulated in the form of products. Amidst all this, company keeps up with its promise of taking fear out of faces, confusion out of claims, bitter out of medicine, trouble out of treatment and jargon out of words. This has lead to several remarkable outcomes that has highlighted new areas in health insurance sector.

Encouragement and welcoming new ideas and suggestions of employees, Apollo Munich expresses its care for the employees. It further helps people work with dedication and thus put in concentrated efforts. The recent recognition as a Great Place to Work, is a reaffirmation of the robustness of its claim processes and commitment to customers with the promise that if your claim is genuine, we will pay.

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