Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

About Munich Health

Munich Health is the new business segment of Germany based Munich Re, leading health insurer and re-insurer. It has more than 5,000 employees and customers in over 40 countries. Munich Re stands for
outstanding solution-based knowledge, steady risk management, financial steadiness and client proximity. Thus, Munich Re creates value for staff, shareholders and customers. In the financial year 2008, the Group, which follows an integrated business model comprising insurance and reinsurance – achieved a profit of €1.5bn on income (generated form premium) of around €38bn. It functions in all lines of insurance, with approximate 44,000 employees throughout the world.


  1. It is only Munich Health on basis of whom Apollo Munich feels proud to say that they know insurance.

  2. After reading this i have read about Munich Health. I am glad that such companies are coming to India. Wish Apollo Munich all the best.

  3. I have heard about Munich Health's Global Health Risk Management. I think it is a noble concept.

  4. Munich Health is one of the best European companies. It is great that they now have a stake in India.


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