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Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Health Insurance Service Partners

Apollo Munich’s network consists of 2,400 hospitals across the country, which includes over 42 Apollo hospitals. The client is given the complete freedom to choose doctor and hospitals at his/her own will.

The criteria set by the company for its provider or a hospital/nursing home to be included in the panel of preferred provides are:-

The nursing home or the hospital should be a registered and licensed with appropriate authorities and is under the supervision of medical practitioner in attendance 24 hours a day.
There should be qualified nursing staff under employment in attendance for 24 hours a day and daily record of each patient should be maintained.
Should have minimum 15 inpatient bed and operation theatre in function.


  1. A good network. it is only the network hospital, where we can use our health insurance card and can get treatment on cashless hospitalization. Apollo Munich has done a good work by tieing up with maximum number of hospitals.

  2. ya there is a need to have good insurance providers. Apollo Munich is a name i have heard of a lot lately. Have read a lot of reviews saying that their plans are good and all... I would definetly give them a try...

  3. Good Info. I have heard a lot about Apollo Munich. Thanks for sharing.


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