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Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Solution for Corporates

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, unfolds health insurance policies for one and all in India. The company offers the following policies for corporate employees.

  • Group Easy Travel plan
  • Group Personal Accident plan
  • Group Easy Health plan

All these plans are tailor-made to offer health cover to the group of people of the same organization.

Group Easy Health policy—this policy offers health coverage to group of people. It is believed to be the complete plan such that employees get the required financial and medical shelter in case of an unforeseen event.

Group Personal Accident plan—this policy offers medical and financial shelter at the time of exigency that arises due to sudden mishap. It includes compensation in case of accidental death and reimbursement for medical expenses incurred for the same. It offers coverage for injuries that are external, violent and visible.

Group Easy Travel plan—it offers coverage for health risks to employees while traveling.

Hence, Apollo Munich offers policies with several distinctive features so that its customers can have a secured tomorrow.


  1. i got Apollo Munich's plan from my employer and i feel lucky that i too have their coverage. Now, at the end of this financial year, i am going to use their portability fetaure to shift my family health insurance to Apollo Munich

  2. When it comes to healthcare of the community, you should know that it is safer to have a health insurance. I have lived for years without medical plan and then realised how stupid I was being. Buying one plan from Apollo Munich cut down my healthcare costs by more than half!!

  3. Apollo Munich is good. Have heard a lot about it.


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