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Apollo Munich Claim Procedure

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, comprehends the need of simple and uncomplicated claim process and therefore, brings the same for its customers. It works in line of its motto—let’s take out the confusion from claim.

Understanding health need of the masses, Apollo Munich has incorporated more than 4000 hospitals in the network provider so that customers can be treated on cashless basis, if required. It is a step ahead to remove the fear of complex claim procedure from the mind of individuals, as there is no need to raise claim for the treatment in network hospitals.

If you undergo treatment in non-network hospital, there is a very easy and uncomplicated claim procedure to reimburse the expenses incurred. Firstly, intimate the company or the TPA by calling at the number mentioned at the back of your health card. Secondly, fill the claim form and attach all the required documents such as original medical bills, doctor’s prescription etc.

As soon as your papers reach office and get approved, the cheque for the same amount is issued and discharged to be delivered at your address.

When a person has to get treated, and does not want to suffer from any form of medical problem, they have to get the needed coverage from health problems. There is an important point of concern that many customers have—people have to arrange for the funds in the case of a reimbursement option. However, when it comes to cashless treatments, customers can get the treatment without bothering to assemble funds. Apollo Munich understands this concern and therefore provides policy holders with access to more than 4000 network hospitals across India. The benefit is actually a value added service which is given to the company.

With such a large network, it is rare that policy holders would find themselves far from a network hospital. One has to simply fill the necessary form and provide a proof of identity or the health card. The network hospital then settles the claim with the company directly. One can also get pre-authorization for the claim. This speeds up the process at the time of hospitalization. Apollo Munich provides customers with truly comprehensive healthcare solutions.


  1. Avail the treatment in network hospital on cashless hospitalization basis. thanks to Apollo Munic for offernig such a long network

  2. The cashless treatment from Apollo Munich is very good. I have been able to get it done with ease.

  3. i have filed claims with the company by simply downloading the form from the net... good job from Apollo Munich...

  4. I recently filed a claim. It was handled very efficiently and professionally in my time of need.

  5. Apollo Munich gives quick claims.

  6. either get treatment from listed hospital or get harassed for the claim and face un expectected deductions and you have no right to reject as this is your money which comes to you back after so long


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