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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Premium

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, is a standalone health insurer in India. It takes care of all health needs of the people in the country.

One of the main issues that an individual faces with these plans is their affordability and accessibility. As a reply to this issue, Apollo Munich has brought various affordable health insurance plans so that it can offer health cover to the masses. Here, the affordable plans do not only mean low premium, but signify quality care at reasonable premium.

Apollo Munich plans are customizable plans that give its clients an offer to choose the plan, as per their needs. With the aim of client’s convenience, Apollo Munich brings online premium calculator so that people can calculate their premium themselves and finalize the plan that suits their budget.

The premium calculator works on the specific algorithm that is designed by a team of experts. It is designed with the aim of fair transaction between the client and the company. An individual can use this calculator while buying online policy or in other cases, as per his will.

If an individual buys the plan from agents, he/she can also ask for premium charts, which give a clear idea of payment to be made.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance ensures that customers have comprehensive coverage for the premium that is paid by them. The premium of the plan not just provides customers with the benefits of the plan, but also with several value-added services. The main aim of the company is to provide customers with plans that cover all kinds of healthcare problems. Ensuring that quick healthcare is available to policy holders, Apollo Munich provides customers with a simple cashless hospitalization option. Thus on the payment of the premium (and issuance of the policy) customers actually get access to over 4000 world-class hospitals in the Apollo Munich network.

Customers can also use the Healthline to maintain a healthy life. Since prevention is better than cure, customers can call the Healthline and get tips on how to lead a healthy life. The medical helpline also provides customers with several benefits including second opinions, understanding diagnostic conditions, etc.

Apollo Munich provides customers with a lot of benefits in lieu of the premium that is paid. The policy benefits also include coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures coverage, etc.


  1. Apollo Munich Premium Calcultor works very well. it helped me to choose my plan as per my needs. i was going to take family floater for my self, my father together, but on calcuting i came to know that i would be paying more by including my father in the plan. so, now, i have decide to take individual plan for him and family plan for me, my spouse and my children.

  2. I am well aware of the need of mediclaim and this has put it very simply. people should try the Apollo Munich premium calculator. It is simple and easy.

  3. the premium calculator on the site is good. Apollo Munich is a great company.

  4. Apollo Munich really seems to work with the customers' needs in mind.

  5. Thank you for explaining how the premium calculator works. Good post.


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