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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Coverage

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, has brought best-in-class products as there are many unique features incorporated in the plans, which makes them exceptional. Each plan has its own coverage limit.

The Easy Health individual plan has coverage limit from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000. The Easy Health family plan has coverage limit from Rs 2,00,000 to Rs, 10,00,000, depending upon the premium paid.

The coverage of Apollo Munich plan also include cashless hospitalization, which is one of the facilities offered by plans that give an offer to an insured to avail the treatment, up to the sum assured, in network hospital. One can get the treatment without paying a single penny.

If an insured undergoes treatment in non-network hospital, he/she has to settle the medical bills, which can later be claimed for reimbursement.

There is Easy Travel plan that extend the coverage limit to health risks that arise while traveling. The Personal Accident plan offers shelter to health issues that may arise due to sudden mishap in the life. Thus, Apollo Munich provides you coverage in different spheres of life.

There are many people who need medical insurance, but the problem is that there are very few people as yet, who know about health insurance. The main aim is that people should have the ability to get the needed healthcare at the right time. Apollo Munich provides a number of policies to customers to enable them to get the needed treatments without any hassles. The Maxima Policy from the company provides customers with solutions for all healthcare problems. The plan covers inpatient and outpatient treatments. At the same time the policy also covers an annual health check-up to enable the policy holder to anticipate health problems and monitor their lifestyle.

The Optima Cash plan is a daily cash plan that is targeted to cover the extra costs that arise when a policy holder is hospitalized. With the policies, Apollo Munich ensures that the policy holder does not have any problems in getting the needed medical care. The health insurance coverage provided is sufficient for all the problems that the individual faces. Apollo Munich thus provides comprehensive coverage through all the various plans.


  1. Apollo Munich offers the sufficent coverage. it opitonal cverage for cirtical ilness in Easy Health is a good inclusion that can be availed in a single plan.

  2. I have also used the plans and find them easy and straight forward. I also have health insurance from Apollo Munich.

  3. good coverage plans from Apollo Munich... The company has got the best solutions...

  4. I have taken Optima Cash. Premium is very low and daily cash when I was hospitalised came in great use.

  5. I have taken easy health for four family members. I am very happy with it.

  6. Apollo Munich offers best coverage and value for money.

  7. I thinks it's as best as you say. I don't have to argue with that. Prudential Life


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