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Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals and Munich Health, acts in line of its objective to take out the confusion from claims and thus, it affirms details of its claim procedure plainly in the policy wordings of the product.

If a policy holder goes for a treatment in the network hospitals, he/she gets it for free on basis of the health card issued to him/her along with the policy and the Company pays for his/her medical expenses incurred at the time of an unexpected mishap.

But, if an individual goes for a treatment in a non-network hospital, he/she has to settle the bills while walking out from the hospital but these bills get reimbursed later. The process to claim for reimbursement is as follows:-

* Notify the insurer or the concerned TPA by calling at the toll-free number, stated at the back of your health insurance card.
* Tell a representative about the unpleasant incident, you faced. He/she will talk to you about the bills and document to be submitted.
* These documents might include discharge summary, original bills, claim form, a photocopy of the Apollo Munich Health Insurance Card and other documents as mentioned in the policy manuals or told by the representative.
* Fill and submit the claim form at the Third-Party-Administrator (TPA) or the Company’s office. After the claim gets approved, Apollo Munich issues you the cheque against your claim amount, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy selected.

When people think about medical care, the cost of the same is of major concern. The policy wordings and the plan details are all meant to give customers complete comfort in getting the needed claim reimbursed quickly and without any hassles. Apollo Munich ensures that the policy wordings are simple and therefore policy holders can easily understand the conditions under which they can file a claim. With the simple claim process, there is very little confusion at the time of filing the claim.

The claim forms are easily available for download from the company website. This gives customers the advantage of being able to file for a claim as soon as they get the treatment. There is no need to wait and buy or get the claim form. The claim procedure too is given in details on the website thus making it much easier for policy holders to get the needed coverage. Apollo Munich ensures that customers have a simple and easy means to get the needed medical treatment and coverage. The two options of cashless claim and claim reimbursement are designed to give customers the freedom to get treated wherever they wish to.


  1. people belive that claim process is complicated but i bet if the case is guenuine, you will not face problems in claim settlement. Apollo Munich's claim procedure is very simple ande asy to understand.

  2. i have used the claim process of Apollo Munich. There are many people who think the process is confusing and that company's don't pay. But i disagree.

  3. Hi there, I'm 36 yrs. of age having mediclaim policy by Apollo Munich(DKV) from past 2 years.
    I’m suffering from Hypertension from past 3-4 months, yesterday while I was in office I started sweating a lot with pain in head & chest, Straightaway I went to the Hospital (Emergency) & doctors advise me to get admitted Immediately, as I have the personal mediclaim policy, hence I didn’t hesitate to get admitted, while doctors where examine me and send fax to claim the medical insurance, the APOLLOMUNICH / FAMILY HEALTH PLAN (TPA) LIMITED decline my case, as per them my case is not that serious & I should not be get admitted for that.
    I spend two days in hospital & have to pay the hospital charges from my own pocket?
    Kindly explain, is it my fault if doctors ask me to get admitted immediately, or should I supposed to call Apollo Munich from the Emergency ward and ask them whether to get admitted or not, also let me know till what extend a patent should wait to get herself/himself admitted to claim Insurance (is it till Heart Attack?) and when doctors advise the patient to get admitted what should a policy holder do?
    Vishal Bhatnagar
    Policy No.: 110100/11051/1000023952-01
    Member ID: 10000310934

  4. I agree... the claim procedure of the company is very simple...

  5. Due to increase use of Internet everything has become so simple and time saving for us, and why not a claim procedure.

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