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Apollo Munich Critical Illness Cover

A Critical Illness Cover means that you can insure yourself and stay prepared for serious Illnesses. It gives you the security that a guaranteed sum will be paid if the unexpected happens and you are diagnosed with a Critical Illness.

The aim of a Critical Illness cover is to let you put a small periodic amount as insurance in order to pay for the Critical Illness, if it appears at any stage of your life. Apollo Munich in its efforts to Uncomplicate healthcare solutions gives you an option to choose the Critical Illness Plan in addition to your normal health cover. This is applicable only with Exclusive and Premium Plans.


  • Competitive premium rates
  • Tax Benefits under section 80 D
  • Insured can opt for the sum insured during the Critical Illness

Payment under Critical Illness cover is paid only if,

  • An insured is diagnosed as suffering from a Critical Illness during a policy period
  • He/she survives for at least 30 days after diagnosis.

Diseases covered

  • Cancer
  • Coronary artery surgery
  • Kidney failure
  • First heart attack
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Paralysis
  • Major organ transplantation

There will be no payment made by Apollo Munich if,

  • An insured person is diagnosed from a Critical Illness within 90 days of the start of the policy and he/she has not been insured continuously under the Easy health policy.
  • The insured has already claimed for the same Critical Illness.
  • A claim has already been made three times under this policy issued by Apollo Munich.

Since the critical illness cover is specially meant to be for illnesses that are potentially life threatening, the lump sum amount that is provided is generally over and above the amount that one has insured in the plan. This amount is meant to enable the family to cope with the financial loss that is suffered.

Apollo Munich provides this cover along with Easy Health (Exclusive and Premium variants as mentioned above) and Maxima. The two plans thus are able to give customers more than simple health coverage. It has been included in line with the company’s motive of providing all-round protection from all problems that arise due to illness.


  1. Good to hear that Apollo Munich insurance plans cover critical illnesses and that too 8 of them. The most fearful of the illnesses are taken care of and the best part is that it is the only company that i have come across that covers 8 diseases. I will keep it in mind when selecting my plan.

  2. i liked the way Apollo Munich offers coverage to cirtical illnesses. there is no need to getextra plan for the same.

  3. good information. And thanks for the same. I am planning on buying health insurance soon. I will surely check out the Apollo Munich plans.

  4. this is an importnat cover and i am glad that Apollo Munich gives Indians this option...

  5. Critical Illness cover is essential. I have taken it as a part of my plan.

  6. This critical illness cover, though not compulsory, is very important as in case of a critical illness, every extra penny proves important. This amount is given by the insurance company to the customer over and above the hospitalization cost that they claim.

  7. its important todays time

  8. Nice post,this type of insurance i think is difficult to claim,because it is specifically claimed when a critical illness will occur.
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  9. You have shared an informative and useful post for those who are interested in critical illness insurance.


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