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Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Vision of Healthline

Healthline is a part of Apollo Munich's value-added service for insured individuals. It is a free and confidential healthcare information services staffed by registered and trained doctors. These doctors understand the health needs, patient's condition, etc., and then, provide general health information and recommend the best means of action.

Services followed by Healthline

  • Understand diagnostic conditions
  • Guidance about self care, minor injuries and illness
  • Knowledge about chronic diseases
  • Prepare queries for doctor visit
  • Knowledge of specific medications
  • Develop and Maintain healthy living habits
  • Steps to be followed in an emergency
Services are offered from Monday to Friday, between 9 AM to 6 PM

How to access Healthline?

First of all log in and register

Step1 — Have to accept a medico-legal disclaimer
Step2 — A doctor will attend the call and gather some basic details
Step3 — The doctor will ask you about symptoms and other health related issues
Step4 — Lastly, the doctor will recommend you different ways to care yourself or will ask you to contact a hospital/doctor.

Our facility of Healthline gives you the best quality advice. All the information shared remains confidential.


  1. Personally i hate going to doctors for every small thing, and spending loads of money on getting a prescription which gives me the names of medicines i already know about. The healthline sounds very interesting.

    The fact that it is free and i can call on it anytime, day or night gives me a feel that Apollo Munich will really take care of me after i get their policy.
    As I read further, my interest and trust in Apollo Munich seems to be growing.

  2. Healthline is a very good service started by Apollo Munich, where customers can directly call and talk to the doctors for their health issues.

  3. The healthline service of Apollo Munich seems very interesting. I will try their plan soon.

  4. i like the healthling servcie...

  5. Healthline is very useful for customers. I have used when when I was getting chest pains.


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