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Apollo Munich Services

We offer you a range of services to promote your well being, make hospitalization stress free and to prevent illness for you and your family. The below mentioned services are offered to clients to assess their health and get medical advice from our experts.

  • Healthline

Just call us and give your customer ID in order to reach our experts and avail their help or advice in various aspects, such as, in individual referral, health-related counseling, nutrition, diet, primary consultation, and health information.

These services are available on Healthline at no extra cost to our clients. They may be advised to augment their cover in the areas of well being and includes wellness solutions and personalized services.

  • Cashless Hospitalization

We offer you the facility of cashless hospitalization in more than 4000 hospitals in the entire nation. These hospitals are listed on our site and in our guidebook, which is received by every client along with the policy papers or on our site.

You can get the treatment, up to the sum insured, for free in these hospitals. It can be either a planned or an emergency hospitalization. Even if you undergo treatment, for the diseases covered, you can claim the reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred. All the information regarding pre-approval and post approval process is stated in the given guidebook.

  • Health Risk Assessment

Each of our policy holders is provided an access to Health Risk Assessment tool on our website, which helps them to profile their health status. Depending upon the assessment, they can avail our personalized recommendation services on lifestyle, diet and nutrition regimen.

Let’s Stay Healthy

The Apollo Munich plans also give customers the chance of getting access to the ‘Let’s Stay Healthy’ website. The portal is designed to give visitors means to keep a check on their health status and life style. All this is done after the customer fills a series of questions. Based on which they receive personalized information and guidelines.

Expecting mothers can use the pregnancy corner to get help during their pregnancy term. The portal also gives mothers a chance to keep track of the vaccinations that are due to the baby.

The portal also enables customers to visit the ‘Let’s Stay Healthy Newsletter’. It is designed to give customers assistance in dealing with health issues.

All the Apollo Munich services give customers the ability to stay healthy at all times.


  1. All these sound very good and fascinating, especially for those who want to stay healthy but are fussy on spending money for doing it. If I had a doctor whom I could call day or night for free, I would have saved a lot of money and time, which I ended up wasting (just to know what the readings in my blood test meant). The doctor charged me and then said "you are perfectly fine, and your test results are normal"!!! Another point I will keep in mind when I buy my insurance plan from Apollo Munich.

  2. who would not like to have these servcies and that too for free. yes, Apollo Munich servcies are very useful to get expert's advcie on health issues.

  3. when a family suffers, we all know the pain that people are put through. I think that the best option is to keep a health insurance plan handy so that you do not have to worry about extra costs.

    The Apollo Munich plan that I have can cover all the problems that i face. I have used the plan many times.

  4. good services... the health risk assessment is very interesting...


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