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Apollo Munich Personal Accident Plan

Apollo Munich has brought out a Personal Accident Insurance Plan in order to protect you against all exigencies arising due to an accident. Looking into your need of prevention and wellness, the products are well designed and tailor made to quench your needs.

When you invest in this plan, no matter where, when and how an accident occurs, you are protected against all the medical costs. Compensation is also made in the event of accidental death or disablement. This compensation is in addition to reimbursement for inpatient treatment and hospitalization.

Benefits of Personal Accidental Insurance Plan:

  • Accidental deaths—In case of an accidental death of an insured, the family members are entitled to a lump sum payment.

  • Disablement—In case of disablement, there is a specific criterion, which measures the amount of compensation with respect to the physical loss incurred.

  • Transportation of mortal remains—The company reimburses the charges spent on the transportation of mortal remains of an insured either to his/her residence or to a burial ground.

  • Emergency ambulance cover—In case of an emergency, Apollo Munich reimburses the expenses incurred on ambulance for transfer of an insured in the nearest hospital.

  • Family transportation—In case of accidental death or permanent disablement, Apollo Munich reimburses the amount incurred in transportation of an immediate family member to the hospital, subject to terms and conditions.

  • Transportation of medicines.

  • Purchase of blood.

Apart from this, there are several value added services, which can be availed by all our customers. These include:

  • Health Risk Assessment—Customers of Apollo Munich are given an access to an online Health Risk Assessment tool. It offers wellness counseling on lifestyle, diet and nutrition regime.

  • Healthline—At just a phone call, an insured can avail heath related counseling, nutrition and diet, consultation from our team of experts.

  • Cashless hospitalization—Our customers can avail cashless hospitalization for treatment, up to the sum insured, against the covered disease in our enlisted hospitals according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

The Personal Accident plan has been designed to give customers complete coverage from all kinds of problems arising after an accident. There are a number of steps that have to be taken to make sure that people are safe from all kinds of costs after an accident. The policy is designed to give customers coverage under the following situations:

  • Accidental Death [AD] – In case of the death of the insured due to an accident, a lump sum amount would be provided
  • Permanent Total Disablement [PTD] – In case of Permanent Total Disability of the insured due to an accident, a lump sum payment would be provides, as per the policy terms and conditions.
  • Permanent Partial Disablement [PPD] – In case of Permanent Partial Disability of the policy holder due to an accident, a lump sum amount would be given, in accordance with the scale provided in the policy.
  • Temporary Total Disablement – To help policy holders cope with loss of income because of Temporary Total Disability that is caused due to an accident, a weekly allowance is provided to the insured.

Apollo Munich offers several other benefits which can be read in the policy wordings on the company website.


  1. My personal accident plan gives me a huge sense of security and lets me stay relaxed all the time. The thought of an accident is not at all nice. What's worse is the thought of your family having to hunt for money to get you treated, and then spend another fortune on coming to see you in hospital and all that. The personal accident plan at least removes these thoughts from my head. Now when I think about accidents, I just think about the accident, not money.

    Apollo Munich Plans are good, and simple.

  2. No doubt that Apollo Munich's Personal Accident plan is well thought and designed. It is available with wide range of sum assured, thus serving need of people of all income groups.

  3. When I see people who cannot afford to visit a doctor, I feel bad. I would encourage everyone to get a health insurance plan. I like the Apollo Munich plans with their extra services.

  4. like khausi said, i think a personal accident plan would give everyone security. That is the reason i keep telling my friends to buy such plans...

  5. I too agree with khausi. Accident insurance gives you peace of mind about your safety as well as about your family's peace of mind.


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