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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Plans for Corporate Employees

Apollo Munich Health Insurance has turned up with customizable health insurance plans for corporate employees. These have been designed looking into the needs of the individual and the budget of employer.

  • Easy Health—Group Health Insurance Plan:

With increasing work pressure, employers have to take positive steps to provide cover to their employee's health. The Easy Health—Group Health Insurance Plan offers easy health solutions to take care of employee healthcare needs. The plan covers a large number of medical benefits, such as Critical Illness Cover, pre-/post-hospitalization, maternity benefits, domiciliary hospitalization, options of coverage against pre-existing diseases, in-patient hospitalization, day care treatment, dental, and optical benefits.

Easy Health Group Health Insurance Plan also comes with scientifically and globally validated assessment techniques, which help employees assess their health status. At Apollo Munich, we engage the services of IRDA approved TPA (Third Party Administrator) for providing customized services to groups.

  • Group Easy Travel:

The Group Easy Travel insurance policy covers all employees for short term overseas travel under this single policy. It is valid up to 180 days, extendable on demand.

This policy is different from an individual plan in terms of rates, which are offered on daily basis for different geographic regions. Daily basis rates depend on the projected travel days to be utilized by the employee and the required sum insured. We offer a wide range of benefits, leaving it up to a corporate to make his choice.

Three geographic regions are covered under this policy. These are:

  • Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (A)

  • Worldwide excluding US and Canada (X)

  • Worldwide including US and Canada (W)

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan

It assures your employees financial and medical protection against all sorts of unexpected exigencies, such as, medical and financial requirement in the event of an accidental death or bodily injury, which is violent, visible, and external.

Our accidental plan includes benefits, such as, coverage against broken bones, transportation of imported medicines and family transportation, modification of vehicle, etc.

The Personal Accident Plan also provides an educational fund for the individual’s children in case of accidental death or disability of the insured. There are a number of other such costs that are covered by this plan from Apollo Munich. The plan has been designed such that all employees and their families can stay well-protected even in the event of loss of income of the insured individual. A lump sum amount is provided in case of the same.

All the corporate plans from Apollo Munich provide comprehensive coverage to the individuals and their customers. There are many value-added services that are provided along with the plans to make sure that the customer is protected from all kinds of health problems. These services focus on the preventive healthcare needs of the customer.


  1. Apollo Munich's plans for corporates seem to be very good. I visited their site after reading this and realised that the company has many good plans that cover hospitalizations, pharmacy bills, travel problems, and many other such problems that employees may face. As an employee of a good company, i have a medical insurance plan but it is not as good as this one. Will suggest it to our HR for sure.

  2. our company offers Apollo Munich corporate policy and i belive that there can be no better plan than the one we already have.

  3. i agree with anu good information shared. I have also got a plan from apollo munich and i agree it is good. you can also use the healthline service which provides doctor's advice on phone. I use it a lot....

  4. @anu: I think you are right. All the plans seem very good and simple. I too have a policy from my employer but my personal plan which is from Apollo Munich is much better.

  5. I have learnt that Apollo Munich floater (family) plans are very good. I think that family insurance plans are better than individual ones as they cost far less and the whole insured amount is available to the whole family.


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