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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co Ltd. (Apollo Munich), the pure health insurance company, launches its new marketing campaign titled “Let’s Uncomplicate”. This mass media campaign aims to communicate health insurance— from buying to understanding coverage limit and making claims for the citizens of India.

The new advertising campaign focuses on easy buying process that the company has brought for Indian masses. The advertisement will be aired across various entertainment and news channels and will help find solutions for various health care needs.

As per Mr. Antony Jacob, CEO, Apollo Munich, “ As a niche player in the health insurance sector, Apollo Munich in interested in simplifying the insurance process for every Indian citizen who is interested in taking care of their family’s future. With this new advertising campaign, we want to show how easy and friendly insuring your health can be. All our policies are comprehensive and cover almost every gamut of the health needs of individuals. As the campaign states, we wish to take the fear out of faces, the jargon out of words, the bitter out of medicine and trouble out of treatment. Apollo Munich aims to Uncomplicate health insurance in India.”


  1. I think the video is very cute and spreads a lot of cheer. The music is soothing and the faces of the kids in the second or third shot is very cute.

    The concept seems very different from other insurance company ads and it makes it stand out. I have downloaded the ringtone and absolutely love the tune.

  2. Good Video...Good Music.
    Apollo Munich has really brought a nice ad, clearly throwing light on their message.

  3. I like the ads from Apollo Munich... looking forward to some more... thanks...

  4. i like this video and the music of the same... I also like the other videos of Apollo Munich...


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