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Apollo Munich - Maxima Health Plan

Maxima is India's first 360 degree health plan that offers an extensive coverage for both in-patient and outpatient treatment on a cashless basis within the Apollo Munich network of hospitals. Reimbursement facility for all the enlisted treatments and surgeries is also available in case of non-network hospitals.

There are myriads of benefits associated with this plan. Some of them are:-

  • Extensive coverage options

Maxima offer coverage for in-patient and outpatient treatment for both individual and family.

  • Wide in-patient hospitalization cover

It offers Rs 3,00,000 worth in-patient hospitalization cover for in-patient cover, domiciliary treatment, pre-post hospitalization, organ donor expenses, new born baby, maternity expenses, daily cash for choosing shared accommodation, day care procedures, and emergency ambulance charges. It also offers an insured access to a network of 4000 hospitals, where treatment can be availed on a cashless basis, across the country.

  • More than 4000 hospitals in the network

Maxima offer an insured consultation in any of the hospitals in the network on a cashless basis. If the consultation is made in any non-network hospital, then an individual can claim for reimbursement of the expenses incurred, up to the sum insured. It also provides coverage for contact lenses, dental treatment, diagnostic tests, and annual health checkups.

  • Critical Illness Cover (Optional)

It gives a policyholder the flexibility of choosing an optional Critical Illness Cover, depending upon the needs. It provides an additional coverage against 8 specified Critical Illnesses.

  • Comprehensive Health Check-up

Maxima offer an Annual Health Checkup for free within their network of Apollo Munich hospitals. It is to ensure that an insured person lives in good health/ lives a healthy life and is able to detect and start remedy for any illness at the earliest.

  • Life-long renewal

It is a unique plan as there is no age limit for its lapse. An insured can take benefit of the life-long renewal policy.

  • Tax Benefits

An insured can take the tax benefits as per the section 80 (D) of the Income Tax act.

  • Cumulative bonus for claim-free year

An insured is entitled to a certain percent of bonus, as per the terms and conditions, for every claim free year.

The outpatient module of Maxima includes a whole range of OPD treatments that are also known to cause a financial strain on people. The OPD benefits include coverage for problems that do not require hospitalization. These include:

• Dental Treatments
• Spectacles
• Contact Lenses
• OPD Consultations
• Pharmacy benefits

Maxima also provides coverage for annual health check-ups. Customers are provided with coupons against which outpatient treatments are provided. These are covered by the customer as and when they are able to get the needed


  1. This plan seems very good. I don't think I have heard of anything like it in India. The country needs companies like Apollo Munich to make healthcare simple. The problem with Indians is that there are so many companies that make false promises, it becomes difficult to decipher whom to trust and who not to trust.

    I had the same problem some time back. But now I can say that I have used the Apollo Munich insure health policy and I am very happy with it. They deliver on their promise.

  2. A good plan. I was looking for the plan for OPD coverage Apollo Munich's Maxima has fulfilled my need.

  3. I agree... I have realised that the cost of healthcare seems to be going up regularly. I am not the kind of person who likes saying no to family when it comes to healthcare and so I bought them the Apollo Munich Maxima plan. Try it, it's good.

  4. well said... Maxima is the country's first 360 degree plan. I too have used the policy.

  5. Maxima is incomparable. I have not spent a penny on my medicines, diagnostic tests and visits to the dentist since I took it.


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