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Apollo Munich Health Insurance in India

India's Health Insurance sector is a little over a decade old but since it has enormous growth potential, it is growing at a fast pace. At present, there are only 12% of people under health cover but it is expected to increase six fold by 2015, due to the rise in income level and change in lifestyle. It has been observed that innovation fueled by variety, value and choice are some of the parameters pushing health insurance in India.

The scope for health insurance is quite high with a bulk of healthcare products provided by the private sector. Consumers prefer the private healthcare sector because it provides better quality and a greater number of medical facilities.

There are many healthcare funding options, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. As per research and market survey, community health insurance is the best performing with respect to quality, penetration and lack of malpractices.

The private sector has made huge strides in bringing out improved products. Keeping this in mind, several new entrants have captured the market. One of them is Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company, the joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospitals, Asia's largest healthcare group and Munich Health, the newest business segment of Munich Re in Germany. Apollo Munich, pure health insurers, has emerged in market to provide innovative health insurance products to address 'preventive' needs and not merely focus on 'curative' needs.

We, at Apollo Munich, offer a broad range of health insurance products to facilitate quality healthcare protection. The company has its branches in almost all the major cities of the country. Our products are offered on a 'cashless basis' in more than 4000 hospitals across India and on 'Reimbursement basis' across all hospitals in the country.

There is an array of products that fits the lifestyle of the common man. Easy Health, Easy Travel, and Personal Accident Plan have been carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of individuals, families and groups.

In addition to our products, there are value added services for all our clients. These are cashless hospitalization, Healthline and Health Risk Assessment

These value added services simply make sure that the customer is able to cover the preventive aspect of healthcare with ease.

Since the main aim of the company is to ‘Uncomplicate’ healthcare solutions for customers, there are a number of steps that have been taken in the same direction. The plans and the value added services provide customers with several benefits that are meant to enable the customer to get complete healthcare without having to undergo any fiscal blow. The health insurance plans provide benefits such as coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures coverage, and several other such benefits.

The Personal Accident Plan also provides lump sum amounts for the family in case if death or disability of the insured individual by an accident. Similarly, Easy Travel provides customers with more than just coverage in times of medical problems. The plan provides customers with access to the company’s helpline where customers can gain assistance (referrals for embassies, interpreters, medical centers, etc.) with any kind of problem.


  1. There are many people, like me, who are not very aware about health insurance, plans and other such details. After reading this, i realised that a health insurance plan is needed, even by someone like my brother, who is probably the most health conscious person i know!! Hats off to Apollo Munich for taking the interest in keeping people healthy and not just helping them when they are sick!!

  2. Apollo Munich entry into the health insurance domain has spread much health insuarcne awareness among the Indian population.

  3. thanks for the information. I am glad to hear about Apollo Munich. Thanks.

  4. i agree with deepti... good info shared... I too have a policy from apollo munich and it is good.


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