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Apollo Munich Day-Care Procedures

The Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company has emerged with several products and services to offer health benefits to masses. Day-care procedure is one such benefit that can be availed by policy holders. It offers an insured the option of availing the enlisted treatments and surgeries, which involve hospitalization for less than 24 hours. The day care procedures are included under cashless hospitalization and have been incorporated to provide quality healthcare services to the insured.

Even if you get the treatment, up to the sum insured, in non-network hospitals, you can claim for the reimbursement amount against the medical bills.

Apollo Munich assures the insured treatment from the hands of experts to provide him best-in class treatment. Every aspect of the day care procedure option is designed keeping the patient as the focus.

With the advancement in technology, there are a number of treatments that do not require hospitalization. Apollo Munich ensures that the list under day-care procedures is long and thus gives customers complete benefit of all kinds of treatments. The day-care procedure benefit, as with other benefits, varies from one plan to another. The Easy Health (both Individual and Family Floater), Maxima, and Insure Health provide coverage for over 140 day-care procedures which are mentioned in the policy wordings of the respective policy. Customers have to read the policy wordings to understand the usage of the benefit in each policy. The policy wordings are written in very simple and easy-to-understand language.

In the Optima Cash plan, policy holders are provided with 50% of the sum insured for hospitalization due to any of the 10 day-care procedures listed in the policy wordings. Optima Cash enables customers to use the benefit for up to 6 day-care procedures.

Apollo Munich offers a number of other benefits alongside the day-care procedures. The pre- and post-hospitalization benefits, domiciliary treatment coverage, cover for organ donor, emergency ambulance coverage, etc. – are all provided in line with the aim to provide complete healthcare solutions. The various value-added services also enable people to stay healthy easily.


  1. This is very informative and gives a good idea of how much Apollo Munich looks into a customers needs. There are many insurance plans I have come across that provide cover to all those problems which need weeks of hospitalization but there are few plans that cover operations that last for less than 24hours. And reading that the company covers more than 140 such procedures, is very comforting.

  2. i agree with you Deepti.......

    once we are insured, we do not have to worry for these small health issues and can get treatment from the hands of experts.

  3. I too have used the plans and find them easy and straight forward. I also have health insurance from Apollo Munich.

  4. day-care procedures are faced by many insurance plans. this is why it is good to get this coverage. Apollo Munich offers apt plans for the same..


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