Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Apollo Munich CEO-Proudly Announcing The Association

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

The Apollo Group of Hospitals, the largest healthcare group in Asia has joined hands with Munich Health, Munich Re's newest business segment, to launch Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company in order to work together towards a common goal of providing innovative healthcare solutions to the citizens of India.

The team of experts at Apollo Munich strives to design the products with customer centric ideas in mind, after a thorough market survey. We take care of needs of individual, family and group.

Maxima, the first 360º health insurance plan in India has been launched by Apollo Munich to offer a comprehensive health coverage for the masses.

Apollo Munich also offers many add-on services with the policies. Each of these is aimed at providing customers with preservative and preventive healthcare coverage. Cashless hospitalization has been is provided to enable customers to get treatments without them having to pay anything at their expense. The company provides policy holders a choice of over 4000 network hospitals where they can avail the service just by using their Healthcard and filling the needed forms. Customers can also take pre-authorization which saves time and effort at the time of hospitalization.

There are many benefits that Apollo Munich offers with the plans. Easy Health Individual, Easy Health Family, Insure Health and Maxima, all cover day-care procedures and costs incurred prior to and post hospitalization (in accordance with the respective policy terms). Apart from the various health insurance solutions, Apollo Munich also provides comprehensive accident (Individual Personal Accident) and travel (Easy Travel) insurance plans. The Optima Cash Policy is a daily cash plan that has been offered by the company to enable policy holders to cope with extra costs that occur at the time of hospitalization.

The language used in the policy wordings is very simple and therefore it is easy-to-understand for the policy holder. Apollo Munich also promotes simple claims procedure so that there is minimal confusion at the time of making a claim. Thus Apollo Munich strives to uncomplicate health insurance as far as possible.


  1. The company has good plans, the staff (on call) is also helpful. There are very clear cut policywordings and the claim process also seems simple. The travel plan that I have has helped me on several occasions. I don't mean medical help only, even help in just getting around and understanding the language and all that. They give you references for all kinds of things; medical centers, doctors, interpreters, etc. I'm sure all their plans are just as good.

  2. I wanted to have extensive coverage plan. searched a lot and reach to the conclusion that
    Apollo Munich's Maxima is really the best plan.

  3. Thanks for the information. I have an Apollo Munich plan and agree that it is worth every penny.

  4. the effort of the designing team shows in the products... each better than the previous...

  5. Take insurance from Apollo Munich. It is the most trusted.


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