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Health is the most precious entity required to sustain a good life. Keeping it in mind, every individual should opt for a health insurance plan to meet the financial and medical requirement arising due to health related exigencies in life. Just pay a small premium amount periodically and get the insurance cover for your entire life.

Apollo Munich is one of the most reputed pure health insurers, where the claim or reimbursement procedure is extremely easy and simple. We guarantee you timely reimbursement of the money claimed.

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Plans

· Easy Health

Our Easy Health Plan is tailor made to suit your needs and to offer medical and financial help against all health related exigencies. Easy Health Plan can be categorized into two variants:-

  1. Easy Health—Individual: This plan fulfills health insurance needs of an insured.
  2. Easy Health—Family: This plan is tailor made to fulfill the health insurance needs of an insured and his/her family, which includes his/her spouse, his/her dependent children and his/her dependent parents.

· Personal Accident Insurance

Apollo Munich's Personal Accident Plan is designed on the basis of its principle of prevention and wellness. No matter, when, where and how the accident happens, an insured will be provided cover against all the unexpected medical costs, as per the terms and conditions of the opted policy.

· Easy Travel Insurance

Easy Travel Insurance Plan is designed to make your travel safe and hassle free. It guards you against almost any unexpected occurrences while traveling. There are a large number of benefits associated with this travel insurance plan. It is available in four variants. They are:-

1. Easy Travel—Individual Plan

2. Easy Travel—Family Plan

3. Easy Travel- Senior Citizen Plan

4. Easy Travel- Annual Multi Trip Plan

All the above mentioned plans and policies have various benefits associated with them, subject to terms and conditions.


Maxima is a 360 degree health insurance plan that has been specifically designed to cover inpatient, and outpatient treatments. The main aim of the policy is to ensure that customers are able to take care of all kinds of healthcare problems. The costs that are covered in the inpatient module include:

· Pre- and Post-Hospitalization

· Day-Care Procedures

· Inpatient Hospitalization

· Maternity Benefits

· New Born Coverage

The outpatient module includes a vast range of benefits:

· Spectacles

· Contact Lenses

· Dental Treatments

· OPD Consultations

· Diagnostic Tests

· Pharmacy

An annual health check-up is also provided to policy holders.

Optima Cash

Optima Cash is a daily hospital cash plan that has been designed to give customers complete coverage from all kinds of extra costs during hospitalization. Customers have the option of choosing between a 90 or 180 days plan for either 1 or 2 years. The plan offers daily cash amounts of Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000, and Rs. 3000. Optima Cash also offers coverage for day-care procedures, I.C.U., and joint hospitalization.


  1. Good plans and cheap plans; the two hardly ever go together. The plans from Apollo Munich seem to be good and cheap. This blog provides a lot of information about the plans and services offered by the company. I have been in India for a few days now, and I am happy to see that Apollo Munich has brought world class health insurance to India.

    The fact that my parents are covered by their plan, gives me great satisfaction and relief--at least they have some medical assisstance!!

  2. Apollo Munich's plans are realy worth appreciating. affordable with wde coverage

  3. I too have heard a lot about the Apollo Munich plans. I will buy it soon. I am keen on their Optima Cash and Maxima Plans.

  4. nice info... thanks for sharing....

  5. Great plans brought to us by Apollo Munich. Everyone can find a suitable one according to their needs. I really appreciate this.

  6. All these plans are good but there is no doubt that Maxima is the best.


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